The Increasing Demand for Cyclone Resistant Glazing Solutions in the Asia- Pacific Region

The Asia-Pacific region has seen unprecedented growth over the past decade, both in terms of economy and population. As the growth in this area occurs, the demand for additional residential and office space has also increased, resulting in record numbers of tall buildings. The development in this area has largely occurred in coastal regions, which are vulnerable to climate-change-induced disasters, specifically cyclones. The Asia-Pacific region is the most disaster prone in the world, and since 1980, these disasters have been consistently increasing in frequency and severity, which has threatened the economic stability and growth of these highly-populated areas. Currently, the curtain wall is seen as the primary barrier to protect tall buildings and its occupants from these external threats.

This research will examine the buildings that have been affected by cyclone events, buildings that are currently at risk, and steps that have already been taken to combat these threats. Next, projections of future threats will be made, which will emphasize the need for advancements in cyclone resistant glazing technologies and standards. Through these advancements, tall buildings could not only avoid major damage during cyclone events, but also serve as a refuge for local residents.