Hybrid Glass Structures

There is a constant flux of projects where the transparency is primary objective, set by both clients and architects. As such this is achievable only by a significant increase on the amount of glass used in the building/structure. On other hand similar push for smaller, slender structural elements create pressures in terms of code compliance where structural safety is in question. Combining both objectives leading to the contribution of the glass panels to the total structural performance. The glass contribution to the overall performance of the building can be significant, allowing for savings on the amount of materials and construction time. Current guidelines on the analysis, basis of design, methodology, and constructability process are scattered and sometimes not consistent. We reviewed projects where hybrid glass structures were used. Common materials consist of steel/stainless steel or with fibre reinforced polymers. We assessed the adequacy of the structural scheme and materials used. A compilation of the available literature, is allowing for a broad view of the state-of-the-art knowledge on this theme. A numerical study of an example structure will be made. Discussion on engineering complexity and permit process will conclude this study.