Haze, Anisotropy, Clarity and Interference Effects (HACI) evaluation

We are developing a method of evaluation of Haze, Anisotropy, Clarity and Interference effects (HACI) in large panels of glass.

As manufacturer and supplier of monolithic, laminated and insulated glass panels to the high-end retail and business markets, we often produce larger panels that must use heat-treated components, ionoplast interlayer and multi-layer assemblies. This invariably produces HACI.

All these phenomena are observable but deemed inevitable physical properties and inherent to manufacturing. We want to offer higher quality products and believes that we can better those aspects. However, there are no instrument on the market to qualify and quantify HACI on large pieces of glass.

Optical characteristics of AGNORA’s glass will be measured and quantified using a combination of accurate positioning, special lighting and custom-developed camera-based computer data acquisition system that detects both transmitted and reflected light, records and puts numbers to the level of unwanted artifacts. This first step will allow for a numerical, parametric identification of the issue.

Our goal is to establish a numerical model that will reflect the severity of the different HACI factors. This will require interaction with customers to quantify the acceptable levels.