Haute Couture for a Curtain wall: Serrated glass in façade application

Having new fabrication methods available the opportunity to get new materials for bespoke architectural appearance becomes reality. Serrated glass with a significant depth is possible since thicker pieces of glass can be ground. However, this is only a part of the story. It is a long way from a sample 300 x 300 mm till the curtain wall unit-dimensions about 3,6 x 3,0 m. Thick glass needs to be available in a certain quality. The grinding process needs to be up scaled. There must be a strategy for splitting in segments and afterwards matching them to one glass unit. The handling has to be tested and practiced. Transportation and packaging solutions need to be developed. Last but not least the bespoke properties of this product have to be considered during the assembly and installation of the curtain wall unit. This paper shows the individual steps from the start to installation!