Glass Constructions Under Extreme Boundary Conditions

Building with glass as structural element becomes more and more common. Under special boundary conditions this can be a challenge concerning design and execution of the building site. In this paper several projects will be presented: Two projects in alpine areas and one project with very special loads, the so called “flight chamber”.

One of these projects is the summit station of the “Nebelhornbahn” on 2224m height. The project will be finished in autumn 2016. The building itself is a timber construction with a curved façade and curved balustrade. Aspects of structural design of the balustrade, important detail problems and installation are presented. The second project is the “Eibseebahn to the Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany. A new ropeway including a new building on the summit is under construction and will be completed in 2017. Here specials of the façade will be presented. The third example is the “flight chamber”. This is a glazed construction for indoor skydiving. With the help of an inside air pressure of up to 270 km/h, it is possible to simulate free flying and airdrops. The flight chamber is made of a glazed Cylinder with a diameter of 4.5m.