The Futurium Berlin – Large Scale SSG Rain Screen Facades without Mechanical Restraints: from Design to Installation

The opaque areas of the Futurium in Berlin designed by Richter Musikowski Architects are clad with an innovative pre-fabricated rainscreen system. The smooth and shimmering homogeneous skin resembles a space ship landed next to the river Spree. The installed facade features a diagrid with pre-fabricated cassettes of 0,5 m² size combining translucent textured glass screen with a folded reflector on the back. The variations of the position of reflector and screen pattern on the front of the glass lead to subtle transformations. The application of the structurally bonded, heat strengthened monolithic textured glass without mechanical restraints is the result of a close collaboration between all stakeholders. The final approval of this innovative and cost-effective solution is based on extensive testing simulating ageing effects under climatic influences and mechanical loads.

The development of the cassette system with its sub-structure, fixing system and joint design was a complimentary process to the building design phases and showcases a successful strategy for implementing a product development approach. The talk will present the development from the perspective of the expert consultants along samples, models and visuals during concept stage, mock-ups and prototypes to the full scale testing and installation.