Exciting Architectural Case Studies from All Around the World

The presentation aim to share how the new interlayers developments fit with the new construction challenges. Specifically in the field of safety, security, decorative and sound dumping issues. There is a growing number of interlayers for laminated glass aiming at meeting the evolving needs of architects and specifiers. This presentation describes thru some case studies which interlayers have been adopted in according to the specific requirements of these iconic projects. How those interlayers expand design possibilities, raise safety standards, provide new solutions.

Standard PVB is still used in more than 70% of the application. It’s primary function is to enhance safety or security performance of the glazing and at the same time improve the acoustic and UV protection performance in single and double glazed units. In the last years were developed structural Interlayers which are basically divided into 2 families: Inoplast interlayer, Stiff PVB (low plasticizer) which increased even more the design possibilities.