Enhanced Structural Integrity of Laminated Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades are a common application of laminated glass, wherein the glass panel acts as a structural member that is required to sustain lateral design loads as stipulated by building regulations. Rising awareness about safety related to glass usage instigated by accidents due to human impact is the driving factor for evolution of safety regulations for usage of glass in a building. Singapore building authorities look for a solution that complies with the most stringent safety criteria, that limits the induced deflection in a free standing balustrade, in all layers broken condition to a limit that is to be deemed to be safe against “fall through”. Live load testing of a balustrade laminated with Ionomer interlayer done with a leading railing system supplier concluded that the glass balustrade can be designed for sustaining the design loads in pre-breakage and post breakage scenarios, thus providing a very high redundancy in balustrade design