Energy Efficiency of Different Windscreen Bending Furnaces

Energy efficiency is one of the key criteria when considering investment in new processing equipment. The global trend towards sustainable and environmental friendly solutions increase steadily energy price. This affects windshield producer in 2 ways: the energy efficiency of the processing equipment itself is becoming increasingly important. Secondly, energy saving features of the product itself set new requirements on the processing technologies.

The most energy-intensive part of the windscreen production is the bending process. The energy consumption of the whole windshield forming process depends on a variety of factors: on the furnace, glass, mold as well as the process. Once the furnace and it’s construction has been chosen, there is little what can be done to improve its efficiency. Therefore the features and solutions, which improve energy efficiency must be considered when designing the equipment. On the other hand, much can be done to improve the efficiency of the tooling and process itself. The best result can be achieved by using a variety of different measures.

This presentation explains the energy consumption of different type of furnace and different measures, which can be used to improve energy efficiency in the current production.