Testing of adhesion on laminated glass using photometric measurements

The use of laminated safety glass instead of single glass sheets is in any case important for post-breakage behavior and for fixation of fragments. When using the compound effect on laminated safety glass the adhesion has to be fixed to a necessary value and has to be tested to fulfil different requirements. This using of the compound effect leads to a more economical design of the glass.

The following paper shows the results of different possibilities of testing the adhesion of laminated safety glass. The tests are made with one sort of a polyvinyl butyral (pvb) interlayer. The results for the well-known and common pummel test are compared to a defined pull test and as well to the results of determination of the light transmission using photometric measurements. The light transmission can be correlated with the moisture content of the pvb-interlayer by using a calculation rule and a calibration curve. The calibration has to be created previous to the measurements.

The comparison of the results shows a good correlation between the strength value of the pull test and the moisture content of the interlayer. Both results fit to the common pummel test results.