The Development of Stainless Steel Based Warm Edge Spacer Systems

Stainless steel has become the preferred choice of material for quality warm edge spacer systems globally, on both plastic hybrid warm edge spacers, roll formed single material metal warm edge spacers, and more. This presentation will explore the attributes of stainless steel and why it has become so wildly popular as an integral part of most good warm edge spacer systems.

A brief history of spacer systems will help explain the progression and development of insulating glass spacers towards today’s many stainless steel based warm edge spacers.

Thin gauge stainless steel has come a long way in the past 20 and 30 years, allowing cost effective thermal improvements for warm edge spacer products.Stainless steel vapor barriers down to 50 microns or less are affordable today, and have become popular for use as a critical vapor barrier on many plastic or polymeric hybrid spacers.

Material conductivity properties of different stainless steel types and material formulae have also been tweaked over the years for further optimization of the energy performance of spacer systems. Both rigid spacer systems and flexible spacer systems have benefited from advances in stainless steel and the adoption of this material for warm edge spacer systems.