Curved glass in the building skin: Case studies and lessons learned

Modern building skin design has been affected in recent years by the ambition to create smooth and flowing surfaces. Architectural concepts more and more have been asking for an innovative approach for curved material solutions.

Thus, the use of curved glazing within façade concepts has been a frequent and challenging task for architects, engineers, façade companies and manufacturers.

This presentation shows the variety of different challenges which have been faced by the project participants: curved glass as an important design and functional element of a building skin always requires very specific approaches for each individual realization.

Case studies of Frener&Reifer glazed façade projects are presented to describe the individual design and realization of different curved glass solutions. Each project is characterized by individual complexity regimes and thus defined its specific issues, challenges and mode of operation.

The comparison of these projects illustrates the different aspects of how to cope with issues like visual aspects, structural behaviour and production-oriented feasibility. A continuous evaluation and adjustment of the project specific requirements and the lessons learned from previously realized solutions enable to work on suitable approaches for new projects and move forward the limits of curved glass solutions.