ASTM E1300 Uniform Load Strength Reduction Factor not Required for Ceramic Enameled Glass

Results of highly publicized testing have shown that in some cases, the mean strength of freshly manufactured ceramic enameled glass is less than the mean strength of analogous uncoated glass. Therefore, it has been proposed that a strength reduction factor be incorporated into ASTM E1300 “Standard Practice for Determining Load Resistance of Glass in Buildings” for the design of ceramic enameled glass. Test results presented herein show that while the mean strength of freshly manufactured enameled glass appears to be reduced, the coefficient of variation is also reduced. It is shown herein that the reduction in the coefficient of variation coupled with the fact that ASTM E1300 is based on the reduced strength of in-service glass combine to compensate for the apparent reduction of the mean strength of freshly manufactured enameled glass. These results show that there is no need to incorporate a ceramic enamel glass strength reduction factor in ASTM E1300 for this specific case. The use of ceramic enameled glass is a complicated topic that will require more in-depth research before changes to ASTM E1300 should be made.