Anisotropy and White Haze On-Line Inspection System

The new Anisotropy Scanner provides first time an efficient measuring method, which delivers images and measurement results in real-time. This collected isotropy data objectively and repeatably describes the quality of the toughened glass. The camera based Anisotropy Scanner can be integrated into a wide range of production processes, for example after the tempering furnace, no matter its size. The measuring and displaying of the anisotropy values occurs On-line for each glass pane or complete glass batches. The data can be archived and used to produce detailed quality reports. The obtained anisotropy values also allow for a measurable quality standard to be determined, which can be controlled and documented reliably with the help of our scanner.

Furthermore, the same inspection system, is able to detect and quantify “White Haze“ right after the furnace. This again occurs during the ongoing production process in real-time.