Analysis of The Uncertainties In Acoustic Of IGU: A Comparison In Between Products and Labs

Good acoustic insulation performance is one of the main criteria for choosing Double-Glazing-Unit (DGU) product. Thus, to determine the acoustic insulation of DGU, standardized acoustic measurements are performed by ISO10140 accredited laboratories. However, for a given DGU configuration, for instance 4(16)4, acoustic insulation measured by labs is not exactly the same. Then, a question arises: is this difference due to the product uncertainties and/or lab? This study aims at quantifying the impacts of both product and lab on the uncertainties in acoustic insulation performances. Some testing campaigns in two different labs have been performed yielding the following conclusions. Regarding the acoustic insulation of standard 4(16)4 DGUs, there is no significant influence of the production line. Moreover, DGU composition (spacers, PVB provider …) does not modify the acoustic insulation.

The major source of uncertainties actually comes from the acoustic labs. Thus, some labs will be considered as measuring higher acoustic insulation of DGUs. This leads to a competitive advantage for both the acoustic labs and the DGUs sellers. In response to this risky trend, we will show how the new standard updates of EN ISO 10140 decrease the lab uncertainties in acoustic performances of DGUs.