30 Years of Structural Design Innovations in Glass

An overview on my glass innovations due to challenging architectural design concepts in the last 30 years, since 1987 when the first glass structure model was conceived. The overview contains the structural thinking in structural systems with major use of glass panels like super slender tensile steel structures and cable structures up to glass fin supported structures and self-supporting glass panel structures. The connections between metal structures and glass panels is another chapter which derived from distributions of tensions in the glass panels mainly, in steel and stainless steel: produced as welded, pressed and cast steel. Insulated glass panels were provided with glued saucers to be connected to Quattro nodes (in spider shape). The connections to insulated (one or more spaces) and laminated glass panels were made in bolted and later in completely glued connections. The glass panels themselves were originally (and still are in majority) flat, but since 15 years ago cold twisting of glass panels was introduced as well as cold bending, which are regularly used nowadays. These basics in structural systems, steel connections, glass connections and bending / twisting are all illustrated in architectural applications.