GPD Finland 2017 Sessions & Speakers

Sessions June 29

 Sessions June 30

Glass & Sustainability

Do’s & Don’ts of Building Facades

Facade Engineering

Structural Glass Applications

Research & Development


Quality Management




Smart Glazing

Architect Forum

Facade Contractor’s Forum

IGU & Window Technology

Complex Geometry

Coatings Technology and Applications

Architectural Challenges & Solutions

Laminated Glass

Market Trends

Glass in Transportation

Manuscript Submission Instructions

Similar to previous GPD events, a conference book will be published for GPD Finland 2017. The book will include manuscripts of papers submitted by speakers that will be making oral or poster presentations during the conference.

We will publish the book in two formats.

  • The print format to be distributed to all the participants during the event.
  • The electronic format that will be available for online sharing after the event.

Although it is not mandatory for presenters to submit manuscripts for publishing in the book, we urge all the presenters to take advantage of this opportunity, since their material will be available for many glass industry professionals to review and share after the event.

For the interested presenter, we will require you to submit your manuscript plus related material in a specific format. Please download the instructions of this format via the following link.

GPD2017 Manuscript Instructions

While preparing your manuscript, please keep the following dates in mind.

  • Manuscript submission deadline: 30 April, 2017
  • If you selected to have your paper for peer- review by the scientific committee, please submit your paper by April 1, 2017. The paper will be peer-reviewed and the scientific committee will recommend changes to be made, if necessary.
    • If you will make the changes in the paper, it will then be published in the book and marked as peer-reviewed.
    • If you will not make the changes, it will be published in the book, but just a normal industrial white paper.
  • PowerPoint submission deadline: 31 May, 2017

After submitting your manuscript, you will be required to submit a copy of the PowerPoint presentation in advance. The PowerPoint will be reviewed by the session chairperson for approval. The reason for this is to eliminate any commercial content. Therefore, keep in mind that your presentation must have a technical/design focus and not commercial. Sales pitches will not be allowed.