GPD Step Change introducing Primoceler, Tampere based company working with electronics and glass bonding for optical technologies

Q: Can you introduce your company, what you do, where you’re from and what phase you’re in now?

Primoceler is a Tampere based company working with electronics and glass bonding for optical technologies. Our customers are electronic, optical, medical and aerospace companies.

Our core business is electronics and optics, medical implants as well as aerospace, we have worked on high-reliablity optics for satellites.

Q: What are you working on and what is the problem you’ve set out to solve?

Back in 2010 TUT had been working on glass bonding, and we saw the need for scaling this up to an industrial level. At the moment we have been able to scale our production thanks to the growing use of glass wafers (tenfold in the past decade), which is thankfully becoming more and more common in the electronics industry, not to mention very cost efficient.
Most of our revenue comes from the United States and Asia.

Q: What are your expectations from the Step Change-experience and what are you looking forward to?

We are interested in seeing where the glass industry is heading and how startups will fit in from now on. Finding new applications for our new technologies (usually glass bonding has problems with outgassing or the glue is never airtight, using heat is also destructive for coatings); room temperature low-heat bonding can be extremely useful. Some of our customers come from business areas that we had not even considered earlier.

Q: Could you please introduce your team.

Our team is mainly Msc’s from the Tampere University of Technology as well as the Lappeenranta Technical University. This is a great combination, as our skill sets complement each other very well. We also have a non-technical sales and marketing guy in the United States.