GPD Glass Learning Goes to Istanbul

March 8 and 9, 2017 promise to be some of the hottest days for Glass Learning in early 2017. That is when the Glass Performance Days – GPD – take their briefing skills to Istanbul, Turkey, repeating the success of the two previous similar events in 2015 and 2016.

In 2017 the first seminar day, March 8th, is dedicated to Architects and Designers and the second one, March 9th, to Processors. Design leads the way and Processing deals with its cost-effective implementation. One of the highlights of the program promises to be the broad overview of the latest trends in building design given by Dr Thomas Winterstetter of Werner Sobeck Stuttgart AG, entitled Innovative Glazed Envelopes for the Region´s Iconic Projects.

The event is organized in conjunction with the biggest Windows, Glass and Door Expo in Eurasia, March 8-11 the 2017. The stage is set for two highly geared professional seminar days against a background of 700 participating Expo organizations and some 50,000 visitors from Eurasia and abroad. For the GPD seminar a turnout of some 300 participants is expected.  Sponsorship arrangements between the Reed Tuyup Fair organizers and the GPD speaker companies and lecturers enable registration free-of-charge for the first 300 participants signing up for the GPD Seminar.

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GPD Istanbul 2017 Media Briefing (Istanbul Nutshell 2017) 

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