Glass in Architecture

Sessions and topics:

Architectural Challenges & Solutions

  • New frame materials e.g. composite frames
  • Extra-large size glazing (over 3.20 x 6 meters)
  • New technologies & solutions
  • Integrated system solutions
  • Tempered and laminated glass applications, properties and performances
  • Free form architecture
  • Glass design and insulation
  • Designs and technologies that pushes the envelope of materials, design and construction
  • Innovative use of safety glass
  • Bonding and Point Fixing of Glass

Glass in Interior design (decorative & structural)

  • Glass walls and stairs partitions
  • Decorative glass walls
  • Switchable glazing
  • Shower enclosures for thin glass
  • Lightweight glazing –laminated
  • thin glass, tempered laminated glass
  • Balustrades

Architect Forum

  • Architectural design and glass
  • Future visions and glass
  • Climate design and glass
  • Structural design and glass
  • AR, VR and glass

Smart Cities Forum

  • How will they affect building design?
  • from ‘dumb’ to ‘smart’ buildings e.g.
    • buildings talking to each other via IoT
    • buildings as platforms providing services etc
    • smart factories
  • UX, UXD, UED or XD design
  • Glass role in future smart homes
  • Intelligent infrastructure e.g. connected smart cars, homes, factories etc.
  • The role of Big Data and Analytics for Smart Cities

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