The 2017 electronic version of the GPD book is now available via the link provided below

The book contains the white industry papers of GPD 2017. Some of the papers contain links to related PowerPoint presentations given during the event.  The links are located at the left top corner of the papers.

When you access the book, please use the navigation tools on the right side to find and download the papers. You can download the whole book or individual papers separately.

To read an article, download it first by clicking on the title. You will be required to register at first. Registration is simple and free. Once registered, you will not be required to register again, as long as you use the same computer to access the book.

To find the material you need, please use any of the following tools:

‘Search field’ where you can enter specific keywords or speaker names.

To organize the articles by author or session or article, click the ‘Show by Speaker’ or ‘Show by Session’ buttons

To organize the articles alphabetically by article, speaker or session, click the ‘Article’, ‘Speaker’ or ‘Session’ titles appearing on the top part of the list.

You can easily share the material via Facebook, twitter, linked-in or email by using the links provided under the ‘Share Article‘ column

During the conference, video recordings were taken for some of the speeches. Regrettably, we have had problems with the recorded material and we will not be able to share the video material as planned. We sincerely apologize for this.

Click the following link to access the book. GPD Finland 2017 E-Book