Lighter and more cost-effective façade engineering with new interlayers

Blog by Jussi Niemioja

Today, we see numerous innovative laminated glass applications come to life because of new manufacturing technologies. We can see new interlayers, new fixing systems and new glass types being used in the latest laminated glass panels. Also, one of the trends is to make lighter glass modules by using thinner glass so as to still reach the required stiffness thanks to the interlayer. In a way, we can say that the use of laminated glass is at a major turning point. Mr. Ingo Stelzer from Kuraray has a long career with laminated glass, and I’m pleased to share with you some of his views on the laminated glass industry development.

Guest post by Mr. Ingo Stelzer, Kuraray

In recent years, not only have architects discovered laminated safety glass as a building material, but they have also learned to better exploit its exceptional structural and design performance. New interlayers, like SentryGlas, with increased stiffness combine cost efficiency with high performance, thereby significantly widening the scope of applications for laminated glass – from private houses to luxury villas, skyscrapers and manufacturing facilities, and even cultural landmarks.
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