Speakers Instructions and Fees

Please take notice of the following issues, before you prepare the material you wish to present at any of the GPD conferences. When preparing a paper, a workshop or a case study please remember that they are NOT sales pitches and as such should NOT be brand focused. Papers must be non-commercial, industrial, industrial scientific or fully scientific.

Program committee recommendations:

  • The abstract, paper and presentation should have a technical and design focus, and may include as much testing, hypothetical and final results as possible.
  • Show process design from initial selection through completion.
  • Show the material in its larger context with e.g. buildings, façade, design and/or implementation when possible.


1. The abstract of the paper(s) you are submitting (max. 250 words / abstract, 20 words / title).
2. The personal introduction of the speaker (max. 100 words / introduction).
3. Speaker’s photo (Recommended size is 500MB in the following formats .JPG .GIF or .PNG).
4. VAT number for companies in the EU.

If you want to read more about how to create the material you need to submit please visit our Speaker Guidelines -page.

The organizers have the right to publish the abstracts together with the speaker bio and photo for different purposes of the conference. The organizing committee reserves all rights.


  • EUR 1390 + VAT 24%

The speaker fee includes:

  • One person (the speaker) admission to all conference sessions.
  • One presentation in the conference (Oral).
  • Conference material.
  • Daily lunches and coffees.
  • Transportation to conference and evening events (when needed).
  • Admission to networking activities (including Conference Dinner).

Accepted payment methods:

  • Credit card and invoices. Details to be provided later.

Please note!

  • All companies registered in Finland will be charged 24% VAT.
  • All companies registered in the EU that do not provide the correct VAT number will also be charged 24% VAT.
  • All companies registered in the EU that provide the correct VAT number will be charged 0% VAT.
  • All companies outside the EU will be charged 0% VAT.


The GPD program committee consists of experts from the glass industry and the scientific community. Together, they will review all the submitted abstracts for acceptance or rejection.

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