Glass processing


  • New coatings and surface treatments
  • New coating applications
  • Single SKU (Stock-Keeping Unit)
    • single product for annealed and tempered applications
  • Developments in low-emissivity and solar control coatings
  • Temperable and bendable coatings
  • New Developments in Automotive Solar Control Glazing
  • Transparent Conductors for PV, EC and other industries
  • Enhanced Mirror and AR Coatings for PV & Solar Thermal
  • Metrology and process control for improved coating performance
  • Target technology for new materials and cost reduction
  • Improved energy efficiency of coating processes


  • New solutions for renovation of existing buildings
    • Shield program from USA
  • Warn edge spacers
  • Standards in different locations/areas
  • Review of EN-1279
  • Multifunctional triple glazing units in theory and practice
  • Solar protection with insulating glass units
  • Photovoltaic in insulating glass units
  • Energy saving in insulating glass units, windows – including case studies
  • New trends in vacuum technology
  • Bonding of IGU in window designs
  • Material compatibility in glazing installations
  • New developments and product control in machinery as well as equipment for IG-production


  • Factory layouts
  • Problems and solutions by example
  • Cost saving in production
  • Novelty products / processes
  • Production efficiency
  • Production processes for different products
  • Successful value chain integration


  • New Laminating Processes / Technologies
  • New Interlayer Materials for Laminated Safety Glass
  • Guidelines for Interlayer Selection for Laminated Glass
  • Lamination of Tempered and High-Performance Glass
  • Acoustic Performance of Laminated Glass Configurations
  • Weight Reduction with Laminated Safety Glass
  • Laminated Glass in Decorative and Interior Applications
  • Laminated Glass and Fading Protection
  • Durability of Laminated Safety Glass
  • Interlayer compatibility with Glazing Materials


  • New tempering and processing technologies
  • Chemical tempering
  • Challenges in tempering of very large sheets.
  • Tempering & bending challenges
  • Tempered glass properties – theory and practice
  • Standards & regulations
  • How to be sure the glass in building really fills the norms
  • New Super Low-E glasses – effect in tempering
  • Thin and thick glass tempering
  • Special requirements for tempering for Solar applications.
  • Factors affecting the longevity of tempered glass.


  • National and international standards e.g. comparison between standards
  • Process & product -quality control
  • Lamination of annealed glass
  • Lamination of tempered glass
  • Roller wave, anisotropy

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