Below is the program of GPD Finland 2021
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3D-Shapes – current trends and challenges in realisationChristoph BauchingerComplex Geometry & Curved Glassseele / se-austria GmbH & Co. KG
Air plasma treatment improving the properties of safety laminated glassMirko ČernákLaminated GlassMasaryk University
An inconvenient analysis: SG Unitised Systems behaviourVladimir MarinovFaçade EngineeringDefine Engineers Ltd
Appearance, properties and prevalence of small glass inclusionsTimon PetersQuality ManagementTechnische Universität Darmstadt
BIPV-IGU operating temperature, dynamic U and G valuesDaniel Valencia-CaballeroGlass & SustainabilityTecnalia
Bird-Friendly Science and Research Myths and RealitiesJames GulnickGlass & SustainabilityMcGrory Glass, Inc.
Breakage probability of nickel sulphide inclusions in heat strengthened glassFrancis SerruysTempering / Pre-processingSaint-Gobain BU Glass Facades
Broken glass ceiling around Fearless GirlSophie PennetierEnclos
Cavitation and crack nucleation in thin hyperelastic adhesivesFlorian RheinschmidtResearch & DevelopmentTechnische Universität Darmstadt
Challenges with the insulating gas fill – reasons and preventive diagnosticsMauri SaksalaQuality ManagementSparklike Oy
Complex Geometric Envelope Design in Arctic ClimatesStig Mikkelsen,Mandeep SinghComplex Geometry & Curved GlassMikkelsen Architects
Consideration of the nonlinear viscoelasticity of PVB through a Time-Strain-SuperpositionMiriam SchusterResearch & DevelopmentTU Darmstadt
Contribution of the interlayer films to the safety properties of the laminated safety glass at different temperature conditionsNishanth ThavayogarajahLaminated GlassFolienwerk Wolfen GmbH
Current developments in bird-friendly glazing solutionsMatthias HallerGlass & SustainabilityEastman Chemical Company
Curved Glass: Modernizing Form and Function in Convex and Concave ApplicationsJavier Sanchez-GilComplex Geometry & Curved GlassCristacurva
Curving minimalist windows: options and challengesJosé Alves de MatosComplex Geometry & Curved GlassJofebar s.a. / panoramah!®
Damage Classification of Vacuum Insulating Glass using Deep Learning TechniquesHenrik RiedelQuality ManagementTechnische Universität Darmstadt
Design and Durability of Cold-Bent Insulating Glass UnitsViviana Nardini,Pietro DemontisComplex Geometry & Curved GlassSika Services AG,RFR
Design and Engineering of Pedestrian Steel-Glass-BridgesTeich MartienStructural Glass Applicationsseele GmbH
Determination, verification, and durability of PVB interlayer modulus propertiesWim StevelsStructural Glass ApplicationsEastman Chemical Company
easy-lam IFL: Autoclave-Free Inline Flat Lamination - A game changerRobert A. GaiserLaminated GlassRobert Bürkle GmbH
Effects of wind loads on the mechanical performance of vacuum glazingIsabell SchulzStructural Glass ApplicationsTechnische Universität Darmstadt
Experimental and numerical study on the moisture-dependent delamination property of PVB-laminated glassXing ChenLaminated GlassTechnische Universität Darmstadt
Experimental study on adhesion and delamination property of laminated glassZhifei ChenLaminated GlassTongji University
Extending frontiers of glass processing using short-pulsed CO2 lasersErik RaitaHypermemo Oy
Fire Behavior of Silicone Bonded ConnectionsValérie HayezFaçade EngineeringDow Silicones Belgium
Fractional Viscoelastic constitutive modelling of multi-layered Acoustic PVBKerstin ThieleResearch & DevelopmentTU Darmstadt
Fracture and post-fracture behaviour of glass and laminated glass structuresLeon BohmannResearch & DevelopmentTechnische Universität Darmstadt
Glass and woodTimo Saukko & Kivi SotamaaGlass & SustainabilityFinnglass Oy
Glass design according to actual and future codesGeralt SiebertResearch & DevelopmentUniversität der Bundeswehr München
High-temperature strength of annealed soda-lime silicate glassGregor SchwindStructural Glass ApplicationsTechnische Universität Darmstadt
How in-glass laminated displays improve vehicle safety, ergonomics, and UXAri TervonenGlass in TransportationBeneq Oy
How to change the tempering process control from settings to specificationsAntti AronenTempering / Pre-processingGlaston Finland Oy
Identification of mode I and III fracture toughness of hyperelastic adhesivesFlorian RheinschmidtResearch & DevelopmentTechnische Universität Darmstadt
Industry 4.0 in focus: Fully Automated Production Control with A+W SmartFactoryDr Klaus MühlhansA+W Software GmbH
Influence of coatings on the appearance of anisotropyNicolas PlatteeuwTempering / Pre-processingSaint-Gobain
Influence of the interlayer thickness profile on LSGJasmin WeisResearch & DevelopmentUniversität der Bundeswehr München
Innovative cup wheel technology for glass edge arrissing of architectural glassGennadi SchadrinIGU & Window TechnologyGlaston Germany GmbH
Insights into future glass-coating monitoring solutions by inductive inspection methodsMarcus KleinTempering / Pre-processingSURAGUS GmbH
Instant Privacy Glazing for Secure Working and Social InteractionBruce NicolEyrise B.V.
Investigation of 3D printed structural glass componentsPhilipp Amir ChhadehStructural Glass ApplicationsTechnische Universität Darmstadt
Investigations of the residual stress distribution in thermally tempered glassKerstin ThieleResearch & DevelopmentTU Darmstadt
Investigations regarding the nonlinear-viscoelastic material behavior of Standard PVBAlexander PauliResearch & DevelopmentUniversität der Bundeswehr München
IR temperature monitoring on Low-E glass in tempering processesIngo StahlkopfTempering / Pre-processingOptris GmbH
iWin - Glass as Data CarrierAndreas BittisTechnology & Market Trends in the IndustrySaint-Gobain Building Glass
Laser cutting technology for thick and value-added glassAnton KrummCorning Laser Technologies GmbH
Layered Laminated Glass Elements with High Load-Bearing CapacityOctavian BuneaStructural Glass ApplicationsJosef Gartner GmbH
Making Glass Flatness a StandardDiana LohrerTempering / Pre-processingTecnoglass
North American Market TrendsUrmilla SowellTechnology & Market Trends in the IndustryNGA
On the evaluation of optical anisotropy effects in tempered architecture glassSteffen DixResearch & DevelopmentUniversity of applied sciences
Opportunities for LowE-Glass Tempering by Emissitivy MonitoringMarcus KleinTempering / Pre-processingSURAGUS GmbH
Potential of thin glass-polycarbonate composite panelsSebastián Andrés LópezUniversität Siegen
Processing strategies for future automotive glazing and displaysRobert PrangeGlass in TransportationGlaston Switzerland AG
Production challenges of NEV compatible windshieldsJohan PalmersGlass in TransportationBekaert
Rehabilitation of old Glass RoofsBarbara Dr. SiebertGlass & SustainabilityDr. Siebert Consulting Engineers
Research project: Thermally induced stresses on façade glazing and BIPV glass-glass-modulesGregor SchwindTechnische Universität Darmstadt
Rethinking of sputtering process – partial coating technologyJukka VuoristoVolframi Oy Ltd
Reversing the Supply Chain: Recovery of IGU componentsGraham DoddIGU & Window TechnologyArup
Review of Security Glazing Standards and TestingVaughn SchaussLaminated GlassKuraray
Silicones enable innovation in UV-C disinfectionValérie HayezResearch & DevelopmentDow Silicones Belgium
Simplified Method to Evaluate Shadow Box Pressure-Temperature RelationshipsBrian KoonsKlein and Hoffman
Simulated Energy Savings for High Performance Smart Window in Various Building TypesDaniel MannGlass & SustainabilityBrightlands Materials Center / TNO
Solar-irradiation-induced thermal loads on the middle pane of VIG-HybridsFranz PaschkeResearch & DevelopmentTechnische Universität Darmstadt
SOUNDLAB AI Tool - Machine learning for sound insulation value predictionsMichael DrassIGU & Window TechnologyM&M Network-Ing UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Standardization pays off and opens up space for new applicationsGesine BergmannVDMA
Strength Characteristics of Commercial Glass at High Loading RatesMartin Jensen MeylandRamboll
Structural Silicone Glazing at 50 yearsJon KimberlainGlass & SustainabilityDow Performance Silicones
Structure-property correlations in borosilicate in comparison to soda lime glassJuliane Brandt-SlowikTechnology & Market Trends in the IndustrySCHOTT Technical Glass Solutions
The calculation of the thermal performance of a Vacuum Insulated Glass in a frameVanessa SchneikerResearch & DevelopmentTechnische Universität Darmstadt
The thermo-mechanical performance of a Vacuum Insulated Window SystemCenk KocerUniversity of Sydney
Thermochromic coatings and films for energy efficient glazingPascal BuskensResearch & DevelopmentTNO (The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research)
Translating university research for structural silicones into new product ideasBruno Kassnel-HennebergFaçade EngineeringGlas Trösch AG Isolier- und Sicherheitsglas
Transparent Solar Façades for Building Energy Generation and Smart FeaturesMiles BarrGlass & SustainabilityUbiquitous Energy
User Experience with Dynamic Liquid Crystal Glazing TechnologyFilip RoscamTechnology & Market Trends in the IndustryEyrise B.V.
Water-filled glass in commercial projects: Energy-exchanging fluid-glass hybrid envelopes in new construction and building retrofitsMatyas GutaiGlass & SustainabilityUniversity of Loughborough
Woolbeding GlasshouseCarles Hug BitllochBellapart