Owner and Managing Director
• Main activities: energy efficiency, market access conditions, standards, tests and certificates, innovative construction products and systems, their production technologies and their practical application in the field of transparent systems. Focus on vacuum glass and switchable glazing Work experience:
• 2000-04 Director ift Rosenheim – practice-oriented, independent, EU-wide recognized testing institute
• 17 years Pilkington Europe, General Manager, Building Products, Research, Turnaround, Reengineering, Strategic and Innovation Management, Factory Planning

VP of Sales & Marketing FeneTech Inc., CEO FeneTech Europe SARL

Horst Mertes has been in the software industry for glass processing for more than 35 years now. Starting from application work in the late 80’s for glass industry software packages, Horst is probably the most experienced specialist world-wide in this industry. He has lived and worked in various continents of this world and has seen and consulted more than 500 glass processing companies world-wide. Horst Mertes has also been a world-renowned speaker at various glass industry events, such as GPD in Finland, Asia Glass, GPAD (organized by FeneTech) and others.

Horst is 56 years old, single and currently lives on the island of La Palma, Canary Islands and St.Vith/Belgium. He speaks 7 languages fluently.

Hugues Lefèvre is a laminated glass product manager at AGC Glass Europe. He has more than 25 years of experience in the glass industry in a wide range of fields, including research and development, sales and marketing of glass products. He is a member of several technical glass committees and international associations. Hugues Lefevre holds a Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Catholic University of Louvain, an MBA from the EPM school and a Certificate in Legal Expertise from the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium).

Dr Ignatius Calderone commenced working at Pilkington, Australia. After 22 years he left to carry out Doctorate in the field of wind effects on building glass. He then worked for various consultancy companies and he is currently Director of Calderone and Associates Pty Ltd, in Melbourne Australia. He is also currently chairman of Standards Australia Committee BD007, Glazing and Fixing of Glass, and a delegate on ISO Technical committee TC160.

Ingo Stelzer is the Head of the Global Technical Consultancy Group / Kuraray Europe GmbH, PVB Division. With 20 years of professional experience in the glass and facade industry he has been involved into the realization of many laminated glass projects and related R&D activities worldwide. He is also an active member of relevant DIN, EN & ISO Code Work groups. Positions before joining Kuraray have been at DuPont / GLS as a Senior Consultant and Sedak Company as a Technical Director.

Program Committee Member, Session Chair - Structural Glass Applications

James Griffith is a chartered engineer in Arup’s Advanced Technology and Research group in San Francisco. He has designed a variety of innovative glass structures across the world, including the helical glass liftshaft through the Jesus Tower of Sagrada Familia and the award-winning curved glass façade of London’s Maggie’s Centre. He has a longstanding interest in applying digital technologies to improve the design and fabrication of the built environment.

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering in 1988, Jim Gulnick has developed a deep and broad experience in business operations, finance, sales, marketing, and training within public and private companies across numerous specialized industries. He has achieved innovative solutions receiving multiple utility patents with other patents pending for his designs. Jim has a Master of Business Administration with continued advanced doctoral research and development in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

From a young age Jasper was fascinated by architecture. Specifically, how light creates atmosphere in spaces.  During his studies at the TU Delft, Jasper perused  how to make transparent buildings with regulating light and energy to create a comfortable space. Jasper then went on to work for Permasteelisa on the Closed Cavity Façade, as well a solar shading company as a Dutch facade consultant.  Now Jasper is one of the primary players responsible for the eyrise dynamic glass.

Director of Operations at Cristacurva since 2008 with sales and operations responsibility over two fabrication facilities. Graduated from East Tennessee State University with a business management degree in 1993 and immediately after joined the Cristacurva sales team. As a part of his role he has been in close contact with architects, designs, glazing contractors, and consultants on many different projects offering unique glass solutions. Javier is responsible for opening new markets for Cristacurva and developing many technologies to manufacture specialty glass products in which he continues seeking the most advanced processes and equipment in the market.

R&D Manager for Vesuvius Fused Silica and located in Feignies, France. Jean Denis Nicolas is graduated from the ENCSI Limoges ceramic school. He completed his study with a PhD degree from the Laboratory of Materials and Processes, in Maubeuge, France. Jean-Denis developed his understanding on material science and surface reactivity with a particular involvement on glass-ceramic interaction.

Jennifer Schneider has worked in the laminated glass industry for over 14 years and is currently the Structural and Security Glazing Market Manager for Kuraray. She has been involved in the development, commercialization, and marketing of new interlayers for laminated glass for both automotive and architectural applications. She holds a Masters of Science in Plastic Engineering from the University of Massachusetts.

Joe Kao is a research engineer at PHYSEE Technologies where he works since he graduated at Delft University of Technology as MSc in Materials Science and Engineering. With a constant refreshing perspective from material research in the lab to strategic and creative brainstorming at events, to scoring 3-pointers on the court, he is valued as co-worker and person.

Dr. Johana Kuncová-Kallio, CEO at BioNavis Ltd has studied at Czech-Swiss Institute, at Czech Technical University in Prague (B.Sc.), at University of Strathclyde (UK) and at Tampere University of Technology (“TUT”) in Finland (M.Sc., Dr.Tech.). She has been working as a researcher in the fields of instrumentation, point-of-care diagnostics, microfluidic cell-based assays. Later, she became the Business Development Manager of Biosensing Competence Centre, which was established between the Finnish National Research Institute (“VTT”) and TUT, and gave raise to BioMediTech institute. She worked as an invited expert for the European Commission, Danish Technology Agency as well as for Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (Tekes, now Business Finland). Currently, she is a CEO of BioNavis Ltd, a Finnish company dedicated to expanding the capabilities of surface plasmon resonance in the fields of pharmaceutics, biosensing and coatings.


Jon Kimberlain currently provides technical expertise and application support for Dow Performance Silicones as a Senior Application Specialist. With 19+ years with Dow Corning and Dow Chemical, Jon has published 15+ research papers on the use of silicone sealants in high performance buildings which have presented at venues such as ASTM Symposiums, GlassCon and GPD Finland.

Session Chair - Facade Engineering

M.Sc. Juha Lilja graduated from Tampere University of Technology in 2009 majoring in electromagnetics. He has been working at a Finnish defense contractor, designing antennas for military systems, researching textile antennas in European Space Agency (ESA) projects, and has published multiple peer-reviewed articles. In 2013 he became an antenna chief at Nokia (later Microsoft). Since 2017 he has been working in StealthCase Oy developing antenna systems for construction industry.

Juho Ruusunen recently graduated from Tampere University of Technology and now works as a data analytics engineer in Glaston digitalization team. His key interests are deep learning, computer vision and software development. So far at Glaston, he has researched and experimented with several state-of-the-art machine learning and deep learning algorithms. He has also developed both front-end and back-end solutions for deploying ML models into production environment.

Julia works as Program Manager at Stora Enso Wood Products heading the HEAL Lab. She has > 20 years of experience in sales and development of building products and international business development. She has lived and worked the last 20 years in Austria, Germany and Spain. As the head of HEAL Lab she wants to speed up innovation with start-up collaboration, developing new digital services and mind-set for Stora Enso.

Industry Technical Lead and Customer Applications and Service Manager, Saflex – Eastman Chemical Company 30 years’ experience in lamination and laminated glass applications providing technical product support to glass fabricators, Architects, Designers, Engineers and Specifiers. Her work includes customer applications support, product and regulatory development, industry education and association support. Julia is a solid contributor to the glazing industry being a member of ANSI, ASTM, ISO, NGA and other organizations.

Session Chair - Laminated Glass

After his study at the University of Technology in Graz he worked in an office for civil engineering. 2005 he completed his PhD at the same University. 2007 he accepted the offer of the University of Applied Science FH – Joanneum as a lecturer and became 2012 a professor. 2016 he started as the leader the research project “Josef Ressel Centre for thin glass technology for structural glass applications”.

Session Chair - Thin Glass Applications

Dipl. Ing. Kai Vogel Kai has more than 25 years extensive experience in developing high performance glass inspection systems. His technical background is electronical engineer from Technical University Darmstadt, with a specialization in artificial intelligence and image processing. Today Kai is director, co-owner and founder of Viprotron GmbH located in Pfungstadt / Germany. Since 2004 his company is well known for innovative glass quality scanning technologies. Viprotron is today the leading supplier for high performance inspection systems for the architectural glass processing industry. Their Quality Scanner 3D devices “Made in Germany” are installed worldwide in all big and leading glass processing players.

  • Since 03/2018: Head of Business Unit Façade Systems; Schüco International KG, Bielefeld

  • 2017 to 2018: Managing Director of a Medium-Sized Entity for Industrial Technology and Metal Fabrication

  • 07/2015 to 01/2017: Global Leader Façade Engineering and Architectural Design with Dow Corning (Dow Chemicals), Building and Construction

  • 03/2013 to 07/2015: Business Development & Key Account Manager with Dow Corning, Building and Construction, D A CH – Region

  • 11/2011 to 03/2013: Business Development Manager ´Passive Fireprotection´ North America with PROMAT

  • 10/2005 to 11/2011: Global Division Manager ´microporous raw materials´ with PROMAT

  • 04/2000 to 10/2005: Research Assistant at the Institute of Structural Engineering at the University of Duisburg-Essen

Katsuyuki Haneda is an associate professor in the Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering, Espoo, Finland. He received a number of paper awards in international conferences and journals, most recently in the European Conference on Antennas and Propagation in 2017, Paris, France, with his graduate student. Dr. Haneda has joined European Union projects on 5G development including METIS-2020 phase I and mmMAGIC. His current research activity includes radio frequency instrumentation, measurements and modeling, millimeter-wave radios, wireless for medical and post-disaster scenarios and in-band full-duplex radio technology.