Horst Mertes

VP of Sales & Marketing FeneTech Inc., CEO FeneTech Europe SARL

Horst Mertes has been in the software industry for glass processing for more than 35 years now. Starting from application work in the late 80’s for glass industry software packages, Horst is probably the most experienced specialist world-wide in this industry. He has lived and worked in various continents of this world and has seen and consulted more than 500 glass processing companies world-wide. Horst Mertes has also been a world-renowned speaker at various glass industry events, such as GPD in Finland, Asia Glass, GPAD (organized by FeneTech) and others.

Horst is 56 years old, single and currently lives on the island of La Palma, Canary Islands and St.Vith/Belgium. He speaks 7 languages fluently.