Below is the program of GPD Finland 2019
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“The tallest, heaviest sliding glass door of all”: a case studyPedro Borges de AraújoArch Challenges & SolutionsJofebar s.a. / panoramah!®
171, A Three Part Exploration of Daylight and GlassTim LeslieFacades from Concept to RealizationBatessmart
A comparison of various deairing methods for windshields, sidelites and sunroofsSerhat OranLaminated GlassOLBRICHT AUTOMATION GMBH
A micro-mechanical model to calculate the optimal HST holding timeGabriele PisanoTempering / PreprocessingConstruction Technologies Institute - National Research Council of Italy (ITC - CNR)
A smart glazing technology addressing color, tint uniformity and cost challengesGuillermo GarciaSmart TechnologyHeliotrope Technologies
A UV-cured functional coating to prevent glass stress corrosionMauro CorradoResearch & DevelopmentPolitecnico di Torino
A window for todayCarlos Machado e MouraIGU & Window technologyJofebar s.a. / panoramah!®
Adaptive Façades Systems made from Thin GlassJürgen NeugebauerThin Glass and ApplicationsUniversity of Applied Science FH-Joanneum
Adhesives for Blast Scenarios – Extreme Conditions for Structural Sealant GlazingWerner WagnerExtreme ConditionsSika Services AG
Advanced Calculation Method for Design of SSG JointsViviana NardiniFacade EngineeringSika Services AG
Advanced introduction to the Vacuum Insulated GlazingCenk KocerWorkshop presentationsUniversity of Sydney
All-Glass Constructions: Requirements for Design and EngineeringChristoph Bauchinger,Martien TeichWorkshop presentationsseele / se-austria GmbH & Co. KG,seele GmbH
An engineered tool for the soft-body impact on glazed surfacesGianni Royer CarfagniResearch & DevelopmentMaffeis Engineering
An engineering approach for the basic design of glazed surfaces under blast wavesGianni Royer CarfagniExtreme ConditionsMaffeis Engineering
An introduction to the Vacuum Insulated Glazing TechnologyCenk KocerWorkshop presentationsUniversity of Sydney
Analysis of natural sand for soiling tests and qualification of solar glass with a soiling sensorElisabeth KlimmGlass & SustainabilityFraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems
Anisotropy Measurement for Architectural GlassLouis MoreauTempering / PreprocessingAGNORA
Automating Flat Glass Lamination ProcessRiku FärmLaminated GlassGlaston Finland Oy
BPC® WorkFlow for Coupled Daylight and Energy SimulationsHelle Foldbjerg RasmussenFacade EngineeringMicroShade
Building Sky ViewAgnes KoltayFacade EngineeringKoltay Facades
Buildings deserve a skin that positively impacts their energy and comfort levelsFerdinand Grapperhaus Jr.Smart TechnologyPHYSEE
Cantilevered Laminated Glass Balustrades – Comparing Testing and CalculationsVaughn SchaussStructural Glass ApplicationsKuraray
Challenging laminated glass projects in RussiaStanislav ChesnokovStructural Glass ApplicationsGlass Research Institute
Checking if Heat Soak Testing was carried outIgnatius CalderoneTempering / PreprocessingCalderone and Associates
Climatic Load Design Parameters for the United StatesJames GriffithIGU & Window technologyArup
Cold Warped Glass Engineering and DurabilityRobert MoisyComplex Geometry & Curved GlassSurface Design Consulting
Complex geometry glass balustrade: Eleftheria Square, design and constructionFrederico FigueiredoFacade EngineeringPentagonal Lda
Controlling lamination result of EVA laminating films for several lamination processesSteffen BornemannLaminated GlassFolienwerk Wolfen GmbH
Counting of fragments in tempered glass fragmentation testAntti Aronen,Juho RuusunenTempering / PreprocessingGlaston Finland Oy
Curved and 3D Glass - the new hype in top end architectureHelmut HohensteinComplex Geometry & Curved GlassDr. Hohenstein Consultancy
Curved Glass: Reshaping architectural glass with new possibilities and frontiersJavier Sanchez-GilComplex Geometry & Curved GlassCristacurva
Design and Validation of Large Format Self supporting Laminate GlassRobert MoisyLaminated GlassSurface Design Consulting
Design coatings - a game with colours and performancesStefan GoebelCoatings Technology and ApplicationsArnold Glas
Designing facades for near zero energy buildingsOskar StormWorkshop presentationsBuilding Glass Polska
Designing Glass for North America: a standardization overviewUrmilla Sowell,William Lingnell,Julia Schimmelpenningh,Stephen MorseWorkshop presentationsNGA,,Eastman Chemical Company,Michigan Tech University
Determination of Interlayer Mechanical Properties for Use in Laminated Glass DesignMichael HärthStructural Glass ApplicationsKuraray Europe GmbH
Determination of prestress profiles in chemically toughened glass by means of photoelasticityMaximilian LaursResearch & DevelopmentRWTH Aachen
Developing Active Windows and Façades through Innovation and CollaborationRory BackSmart TechnologyNSG Pilkington Glass
Development of a hybrid glass-HPL balustradeJohannes Giese-HinzPoster presentationsTechnische Universität Dresden
Development of a Novel CCF Glass Tube Façade in Hong KongMartien TeichFacade Engineeringseele GmbH
Digitalization of industrial coating productionHarald HagenströmCoatings Technology and ApplicationsVON ARDENNE GmbH
Does Safety Glass Manufactured Abroad Meet US Building Code?Vicente Montes-AmorosMarket Trends in the Glass IndustryCDC
Durability of Structural Silicone Sealant in Cold Bent Glazing DesignJon KimberlainComplex Geometry & Curved GlassDow Performance Silicones
Edge strength: Crack system and possibilities of increasing the strengthSteffen Müller-BraunResearch & DevelopmentTechnische Universität Darmstadt
Energy efficient glazing to reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumptionCédric JanssensGlass & SustainabilityGlass for Europe
Enhanced Effective Thickness Method for Cantilevered Laminated Glass BalustradesAdam NizichStructural Glass ApplicationsWalter P. Moore and Associates, Inc.
Enhancing the Light – Curved Insulated Glass Unit Design StudyAdam NizichComplex Geometry & Curved GlassWalter P. Moore and Associates, Inc.
Experimental and Methodical Investigations on the Hyperelasticity of Standard PVBAlexander PauliLaminated GlassUniversität der Bundeswehr München
Extension of Pseudo-Elastic Cavitation Model for Cyclic Loading for TSSAMichael DrassResearch & DevelopmentTechnische Universität Darmstadt
Façade Performance – Real Time Sensor based Data collectionOliver NgFacades from Concept to RealizationBG&E Facades (Facade Consultants)
First Look: Application of Eyrise in Commercial Projects and BeyondJasper van den MuijsenbergSmart TechnologyMerck
Float glass processing: washing and anti-corrosion treatmentMichael Emonds,Reinhold SenftWorkshop presentationsBASF/ Chemetall,Grafotec Spray Systems
Functionality and performance tests for coatings on glass for solar applicationElisabeth KlimmCoatings Technology and ApplicationsFraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems
Glass and CoatingsKoichi Suzuki,Sener Oktik,Günter Bräuer,Marcus Klein,Stefan Goebel,Johana Kuncova-KallioWorkshop presentationsICCG,Sisecam,SURAGUS GmbH,Arnold Glas,BioNavis Ltd
Glass coatings that recycle sunlight instead of throwing it awayJoe KaoCoatings Technology and ApplicationsPHYSEE
Glass Coatings Useful for the Prevention of Bird CollisionsEnos "Andy" AxtellCoatings Technology and ApplicationsFerro Corporation
Glass Creep of Unsupported Lites in Laminated GlassJulia SchimmelpenninghArch Challenges & SolutionsEastman Chemical Company
Glass Cutting and GrindingMichael Emonds,Peter PokoernWorkshop presentationsBASF/ Chemetall,Bohle AG
Glass igloos and large scale architectural case studiesTimo SaukkoGlass Technology ApplicationsFinnglass Oy
Glass laminated functionalitiesKimmo KeränenSmart TechnologyVTT
Glass Quality and Specification of Curved PanelsNaomi SchlösserComplex Geometry & Curved GlassEckersley O'Callaghan
Going beyond a design guide - the ASTM Glass Structures StandardRichard GreenPoster presentationsFront Inc
Growing market indoor farming – LED or daylight?Stefan LückPoster presentationsvacustruct
HEAL Lab develops new digital services around Healthy and Affordable LivingJulia Ahvenainen,Thomas NoreilaMarket Trends in the Glass IndustryStora Enso,Trä Group
Health monitoring of adhesively bonded glass elements by microcapsulesMartin KahlmeyerResearch & DevelopmentUniversity of Kassel
High efficient processing of display glass for automotive applicationsRobert PrangeMarket Trends in the Glass IndustryBystronic Maschinen AG (CH)
High performance coated bent tempered glassDirk SchulteComplex Geometry & Curved GlassRoschmann Steel & Glass Constructions, Inc.
High Rise Facades: Managing Risk for ArchitectsPeter SmithsonFacades from Concept to RealizationSmithson Associates
High Rise: Northern ExposureWorkshop presentations
HIGH TEC achievable for everyoneMiguel A. Núñez Díaz,Sergio Cobos AlvarezArch Challenges & SolutionsEnar, Envolventes Arquitectónicas,PERIFERIA SL - UNIVERSITY OF CASTILLA LA MANCHA
How can Glass manufacturers successfully manage their digital transformation journey?Philippe ThielMarket Trends in the Glass IndustrySiemens AG
How to fall out of love with your own ideaMirkka LänsisaloFuture Opportunities in BusinessFuturice
Hybrid façade elements made of FRP and GlassAlina JoachimFacade EngineeringTechnische Universität Dresden
Impact of novel glass and insulation technology on future transportationFabio FavoinoSmart TechnologyPolitecnico di Torino
Impact on glass panes and the fracture energy equilibriumSagar VanapalliResearch & DevelopmentAnhalt University of Applied Sciences
Improving Tempered Glass Quality: Challenges and SolutionsAntti Aronen,Sami KelinWorkshop presentationsGlaston Finland Oy
Influence of cooling jets on stress pattern and anisotropy in tempered glassReijo Karvinen,Antti AronenTempering / PreprocessingTampere University of Technology,Glaston Finland Oy
Innovative Facade Types - The Closed Cavity FacadeValentin BalogFacade EngineeringDrees& Sommer
Innovative glass bending technology for manufacturing expressive shaped glasses with sharp curvesTobias RistComplex Geometry & Curved GlassFraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials IWM
Inspection of Glass FacadesBarbara SiebertArch Challenges & SolutionsDr. Siebert Consulting Engineers
Interlayer modulus properties in contemporary European standardsWim StevelsLaminated GlassEastman Chemical Company
Investigation of 5G radio frequency signal losses of glazing structuresKatsuyuki HanedaSmart TechnologyAalto University
Investigations on the visco- and hyperelastic behaviour of polyvinylbutyral interlayers at different temperaturesMiriam SchusterLaminated GlassTechnische Universität Darmstadt
ISOshade - Latest development in double skin facadesRené SchneiderGlass & Sustainabilityiconic skin GmbH
Just meeting the specified Standards is not good enoughAndreas HiersemenzelFacades from Concept to RealizationHS&A Ltd
Laminated glass panels; understanding a new failure mechanismGraham CoultArch Challenges & SolutionsEckersley O'Callaghan
Large cavities between glass panes by pressure-equalised insulating IGUAnsgar RoseIGU & Window technologyift Rosenheim
Laser – a tool for glass processingThomas RainerCoatings Technology and ApplicationsHEGLA boraident GmbH & Co. KG
Latest developments in laminating technologiesVaughn Schauss,Riku Färm,Ingo Stelzer,Jussi Niemioja,Mario RadkeWorkshop presentationsKuraray,Glaston Finland Oy,Kuraray Europe GmbH
Load bearing behaviour of Innovative Lightweight Glass-Plastic-Composite PanelsJulian HänigThin Glass and ApplicationsTechnische Universität Dresden
Load Sharing of Insulating Glass Unit with Laminated GlassStephen MorseIGU & Window technologyMichigan Tech University
Load-Bearing Behaviour of Laminated Tempered Glass with Reground EdgesMaximilian MöckelTempering / PreprocessingTechnische Universität Dresden
Looking Beyond Industry 4.0 – The Digital FactoryAJ PiscitelliMarket Trends in the Glass IndustryFeneTech Inc.
Lower tail fit of the Weibull distribution for edge-line glass strength for structural use of glassStephen MorseResearch & DevelopmentMichigan Tech University
Many glass plies do really increase safety of laminated glass?Gabriele PisanoLaminated GlassConstruction Technologies Institute - National Research Council of Italy (ITC - CNR)
Maximizing façade transparency with crystal clear silicone spacersValérie HayezIGU & Window technologyDow Silicones Belgium
Metal-to-glass bond strength of structural PVBChristian LouterLaminated GlassTU Dresden
Mistral Tower: Solutions for SSG Joints Optimization in Cold Bent UnitsViviana NardiniComplex Geometry & Curved GlassSika Services AG
Mobile-friendly Glass - comparing solutions from the end user viewpointJuha LiljaSmart TechnologyStealthcase Oy
Modelling laminated glass based on multi-layer interlayers: effective modulus approachPol D'HaeneStructural Glass ApplicationsEastman Chemical Company
Modified ASTM Methodology for Insulating Glass Units with Two-Sided SupportMark SchmidtLaminated GlassWiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.
Modular safe glass beam system: experiments and design aspectsKenny MartensStructural Glass ApplicationsVitroplena
New Trends in ERP software for the flat glass industryHorst MertesTempering / PreprocessingFenetech EUROPE SARL
Next Generation Ionplast for Improved Glass LaminationJennifer SchneiderLaminated GlassKuraray America Inc
Next Step in Structural Glass - Digital Design and FabricationPeter Lenk,Dimitris VitalisFacade EngineeringArup
Nike Flagship Façade – From Design to RealizationGeorgia Ewen-CampenFacade EngineeringHeintges Consulting Architects & Engineers, P.C
North American Market Trends and DriversUrmilla SowellMarket Trends in the Glass IndustryNGA
Novel Method for Cold Bending Glass – Transparent Structural Silicone AdhesiveJon KimberlainResearch & DevelopmentDow Performance Silicones
On safety of Heat-Soak tested thermally toughened glassAndreas M KasperTempering / PreprocessingSaint-Gobain
One single model: structural glazing analysis for complex shape structuresMassimo MaffeisStructural Glass ApplicationsMaffeis Engineering
Optically Tunable Dynamic Windows based on Reversible Metal ElectrodepositionTyler HernandezResearch & DevelopmentStanford University
Optimized furnace settings with new Anisotropy and Haze measurement methodsKai VogelQuality ManagementViprotron GmbH
Options for Complex Geometry Facades - Single Corner vs. Free Form Cold-BendingBenjamin BeerComplex Geometry & Curved GlassRamboll
Parametric Thermal Transmittance Numerical Modeling of a Curtain Wall FenestrationOlivier BrouardResearch & DevelopmentSkidmore Owings and Merrill
Phosphorescent Paint in Glass LaminatesStefan ReichCoatings Technology and ApplicationsAnhalt University of Applied Sciences
Physical and thermal transfer at roll interfaceJean-Denis NicolasPoster presentationsVesuvius France
Physically Accurate Visual Representation of Advanced Glass FacadesNebojsa JakicaSmart TechnologyUniversity of Southern Denmark
Post-breakage in-plane stiffness of laminated glass. An engineering approachLaura GaluppiResearch & DevelopmentUniversity of Parma
Printed Perotech - New architectural BIPV solution technologyVesa JääsköGlass & SustainabilityAalto University
Process to Avoid Window & Related Failures in High-Rise BuildingsFrank SetaQuality ManagementFrank Seta & Associates
Rational Hyperelastic Constitutive Model based on the Nelder FunctionMichael DrassPoster presentationsTechnische Universität Darmstadt
Re-thinking the life-cycle of architectural glassGraeme DeBrincat,Eva BabicGlass & SustainabilityArup
Scaling thin glass use to the architectural worldMarco ZaccariaThin Glass and ApplicationsAGC Glass Europe
Seattle Space Needle - Opening the Aperture on an IconRichard GreenPoster presentationsFront Inc
Seismic Testing Results of a Decorative Glass Wall Mounting SystemJames GulnickExtreme ConditionsMcGrory Glass, Inc.
Simulation of Glass Fracture using Voronoi Random Field TessellationsMichael KrausResearch & DevelopmentUniversität der Bundeswehr München
Solution processed thermochromic coatings for energy efficient glazingPascal BuskensGlass & SustainabilityBrightlands Materials Center / TNO
Specific Solution for a Specific OpportunityKeith BoswellFacades from Concept to RealizationSkidmore Owings and Merrill
Standardization of machine interfacesGesine Bergmann,Klaus MühlhansMarket Trends in the Glass IndustryVDMA,A+W Software GmbH
State of the art calculation methods for silicone structural glazing joint dimensioningValérie Hayez,Michael Drass,Jon KimberlainWorkshop presentationsDow Silicones Belgium,Technische Universität Darmstadt,Dow Performance Silicones
Statistical method to evaluate the process capability index of laminated glass regarding impact resistanceKeyvan PiroirdResearch & DevelopmentSaint-Gobain
Stiff PVB and annealed laminated glass for freestanding balustrades with respect to national standards in Europe.Hugues LefèvreStructural Glass ApplicationsAGC Glass Europe
Stress-Whitening Effects in Transparent Structural Silicone AdhesivesMichael DrassPoster presentationsTechnische Universität Darmstadt
Structural behaviour of Thin Glass-Polycarbonate Composite PanelsSebastián Andrés LópezThin Glass and ApplicationsUniversität Siegen
Structural design of laminated glass including the shear coupling effect through the polymeric interlayer: a comparison of different calculation approachesMiriam Schuster,Michael Kraus,Martin BotzWorkshop presentationsTechnische Universität Darmstadt,Universität der Bundeswehr München
Structural Glass Challenges: Hudson Yards Observation DeckEoin CasserlyArch Challenges & Solutionsschlaich bergermann partner
Structural Glass walls - Gravity and Stability ElementsPeter Lenk,Graham DoddStructural Glass ApplicationsArup
Structural Silicone Joint Dimensioning: ETAG002 and beyondValérie HayezFacade EngineeringDow Silicones Belgium
Structural Silicone Performance after 31 years in service in JapanFumihiko ChibaResearch & DevelopmentYKK AP Inc
Structural use of thin glass. Design of a transformable curved greenhouseLaura GaluppiPoster presentationsUniversity of Parma
Surface Compression Comparative Measurements on Tempered Glass with Different InstrumentsEnnio MognatoQuality ManagementStazione Sperimentale del Vetro
Take your tempering process to the next level with data analysis & automatic quality measurementRiku Färm,Tarun BhatiaQuality ManagementGlaston Finland Oy,Viridian
Technical Considerations and Performance of Structural Glazing Glass Façade of High-Rise Building in Extreme ClimateValérie HayezExtreme ConditionsDow Silicones Belgium
Testing artificially aged silicone sealants for advanced applicationsFlorian GastResearch & DevelopmentDr. Siebert Consulting Engineers
The application and development trend of Vacuum Insulated GlassLiang ZhangIGU & Window technologyLandGlass
The Effects of Aerodynamic Damping on Cable-Net Glass WallsEoin CasserlyExtreme Conditionsschlaich bergermann partner
The effects of high strain-rate and in-plane restraint on the quasi-static blast response of laminated glass: a theoretical studySocrates AngelidesExtreme ConditionsUniversity of Cambridge
The evolution of Windows and Insert Elements has been driven by trends and enabled by technology – where are the limits?Karl Stefan DewaldIGU & Window technologySchüco International KG
The Future of Software in Glass ProcessingHans KullMarket Trends in the Glass IndustryInmatic
The Glass Swing of the University of DelftRob Nijsse,Ate SnijderStructural Glass ApplicationsUniversity of Delft,TU Delft
The global float glass industry in the 21st centuryBernard SavaëteMarket Trends in the Glass IndustryBJS.Différences
The Gravity Project: “Innovative use of thin glass and adhesives structurally”Vladimir MarinovThin Glass and ApplicationsDefine Engineers Ltd
The Hot & Cold of Free-form Glass FacadesWalter HartnettComplex Geometry & Curved GlassThornton Tomasetti
The Key to Innovate Organisational Culture and Product Creation - Lean Service Creation Crash CourseMirkka LänsisaloWorkshop presentationsFuturice
The KLEBTECH-network – SMEs join forces on quality management and damage-tolerance of adhesive bonding for glass constructionsSilke TascheResearch & DevelopmentTechnische Universität Dresden
The past, present, and future of the Vacuum Insulated Glazing technologyCenk KocerIGU & Window technologyUniversity of Sydney
The Psychology that Drives Emotion in Interior Glass DesignJames GulnickPoster presentationsMcGrory Glass, Inc.
The Thermo-Mechanical performance of a Vacuum Insulated Glazing WindowFranz PaschkeIGU & Window technologyUniversity of Sydney
The true colour of glass in a facade, technology versus reality and how to overcome the misunderstandingHannes SpissCoatings Technology and ApplicationsIsolar
The use of high performance glass in renovation while maintaining the building’s identityMichael ElstnerGlass & SustainabilityAGC Interpane
The world of glass coatingsBernard SavaëteWorkshop presentationsBJS.Différences
Thermal radiation and forced convection in glass tempering furnacesMikko RantalaTempering / PreprocessingGlaston Finland Oy
Thermoplastic spacer (TPS) – increasing productivity in IG production AND product performanceDietmar WalzIGU & Window technologyBystronic Maschinen AG (CH)
Thin Facades with Sustainable Environmental DepthStig Mikkelsen,Mandeep SinghGlass Technology ApplicationsMikkelsen Group
Thin GlassJürgen Neugebauer,Christian Louter,Gordon NehringWorkshop presentationsUniversity of Applied Science FH-Joanneum,TU Dresden,Bundeswehr Institute of Construction Engineering
Thin Glass for Architectural ApplicationsChristian LouterThin Glass and ApplicationsTU Dresden
Total transparency: All-glass designs and its featuresChristoph BauchingerFacade Engineeringseele / se-austria GmbH & Co. KG
Track and Trace Using State of the Art IoT TechnologySarah KuglerSmart TechnologyA+W Software GmbH
Transformational Use of 3D Printing in Facade ConstructionStanley YeeMarket Trends in the Glass IndustryDOW Silicones Corporation
Transparency Revisited – a structural glass approach to Pei’s Louvre entranceGregor Horstmeyer,Lisa RammigStructural Glass ApplicationsEckersley O'Callaghan
Transparent Epoxy Adhesives for Glass to Metal JointsChristiane KotheResearch & DevelopmentTechnische Universität Dresden
Trends in offline and inline monitoring of coatings along the value chain of architecture, automotive, solar and smart glassMarcus KleinCoatings Technology and ApplicationsSURAGUS GmbH
Truly Transparent Solar for Electricity Generating FacadesMiles BarrGlass & SustainabilityUbiquitous Energy
Turning building data into business valueVille SteniusSmart TechnologySiemens Building Technologies
Turning Crystal Rainbows into Reality - Prismatic Glass FacadesDirk SchultePoster presentationsRoschmann Steel & Glass Constructions, Inc.
Ultra-Thin Glass ProjectsSophie PennetierThin Glass and ApplicationsEnclos
Unlocking the re-use potential of glass facade systemRebecca HartwellGlass & SustainabilityUniversity of Cambridge
User-centred control of automated shading for intelligent glass facadesRebecca HartwellSmart TechnologyUniversity of Cambridge
Visual Quality of Glass - Anisotropic Effects - Status of the GuidelineStefan Goeddertz,Michael ElstnerGlass Technology ApplicationsHerzog & de Meuron,AGC Interpane
Water-glass facades: Construction aspects, structural and energy performance of incorporated fluid-glass hybridsMatyas GutaiWorkshop presentationsUniversity of Loughborough
We can dream it, can we deliver it… curved unitized glazingWilliam R. HalterComplex Geometry & Curved GlassElkus Manfredi Architects
What do adaptive glazing systems offer? - Perspectives for the industryHelmut HohensteinPoster presentationsDr. Hohenstein Consultancy
Why Fenestration U-factor is Important in Hot ClimatesHelen SandersGlass & SustainabilityTechnoform
Why you should work with startups?Maroane AbdallaouiFuture Opportunities in BusinessMind the Bridge