We can dream it, can we deliver it… curved unitized glazing

The world of architecture and design could not be more exciting today, or could it? With powerful 3 dimensional modeling software and an almost unlimited palate of materials, architects and designers are able to visualize some of the most amazing building forms for their clients. We have seen all types of materials; metal, wood, stone, masonry, and concrete, warped or shaped into sinuous forms or molded to create incredible volumes. But all of these primarily solid materials rely on cuts, slices, and openings in the buildings envelope to enliven and animate the interior spaces within or to provide views out to the context beyond. Glass has clearly provided the means to allow these expressions of the interior and exterior spaces to be seen while providing protection from the climate outside and helping to maintain the conditioned space within. But most glazing applications have been limited to primarily flat planes of varying color and dimension. Many of the designs we have produced have envisioned fluid, sensuous, curves, only to be realized as segmented planes of flat glass in order to fulfil our competing goals for high performance building envelopes and aesthetics. Today we’ll look into the future of some exciting new options in exterior curved unitized glazing.