Water-glass facades: Construction aspects, structural and energy performance of incorporated fluid-glass hybrids

The workshop introduces the water-glass facade system, an innovation developed and patented by Dr Matyas Gutai. Water-glass systems are hybrid structures that are built utilizing glass and water infill, which improves the structural and energy performance of the system compared to standard solid glass systems. The most important novelty of the structure is its capacity to absorb and distribute energy on the glass surface and throughout the building, which provides automated cooling and offers substantial energy savings. These unique properties were tested on two experimental pavilion buildings designed and built by Matyas in Taiwan and Hungary, which are the first Water House buildings of their kind with continuous fluid-solid building envelope that covers the whole building. The workshop is divided in two parts. The first part introduces the system, offers a comparison with standard glass structures and presents the design guidelines for water-glass facades. The second part guides the audience through the steps of the design process, which includes a simplified calculation method to evaluate energy savings with water-glass structure for any project. The workshop is recommended for design professionals, constructors and manufacturers interested in glass innovations, new technologies, sustainable buildings and structures.

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