Turning building data into business value

The nature of modern buildings is changing dramatically. Buildings once simply provided a space for people to work and live. Now they are becoming digital and, in the future, they will be an integral part of the IoT and the internet of energy. With a digitized infrastructure, buildings become dynamic assets that ensure well-being and protection of people and places, enhance business continuity, create user centric building experience, improve energy intelligence, interact with the smart grid and contribute to the mission of their organizations. Based on advanced technologies, there is a massive increase in data availability and volume from the proliferation of intelligent sensors, smart devices and the IoT. Data from all disciplines in the building, different types of energy, as well as hardware and software components are still a hidden resource that offers great potential for enhancing the current business or even creating new opportunities. In this speech we will outline the technology foundation for the development and operation of energy intelligent buildings, how they are built, how they operate and how they re-define our workplaces in the future. Everything with the goal to reduce cost, enhancing the current business, creating new opportunities and not at last help to attract new talents as future workforce.