Trends in offline and inline monitoring of coatings along the value chain of architecture, automotive, solar and smart glass

Functional coatings on glass gain relevance since more and more functions are integrated into today´s glass. This applies particularly to automotive glass applications designed for electric cars which have no waste heat for heating or windshield deicing and defogging. Here, the LowE stack can provide additional benefit which will drive the demand for high quality LowE glass once e-mobility gains more dominance. Also the combination of LowE in architectural and smart glass or solar glass comes with both opportunities and challenges. In result, today´s and tomorrow´s glass runs through numerous processes before achieving its desired optical, thermal and electrical properties. As the final layer properties are affected by several processes, it is useful to monitor and control all affecting processes along the value chain of architectural, automotive and smart glass manufacturing. This talk presents current potentials and challenges when using electrical and optical metrology solutions for quality assurance in the respective fields. It focuses on non-contact Eddy Current measurement technology and suggests closed-loop control to consider the interdependencies of electrical properties for subsequent processes. It also addresses the impact on high temperature processes such as tempering or bending and their effect on emissivity and sheet resistance.

Marcus Klein

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