Transformational Use of 3D Printing in Facade Construction

The digital platform is transforming the world around us. It is changing how we think and behave; how we design and build. It has given rise to the ability to leverage silicone solutions to respond to ever increasingly geometrically complex architecture and design and has enabled the capacity to rationalize the analysis of unique solutions for productivity, and to enable the industry to build bigger, better, faster.
As part of this high performing and highly accelerated building and construction process, a discussion is proposed to focus on the growth in the use of additive manufacturing (3D printing) beyond prototyping applications to enable design and performance. The discussion will include the expansion of the potential print material palette with 3D printable silicone for end-use construction components. These components could be ‘printed’ from equipment located anywhere along the value-chain; thus enhancing – and making more efficient – the global connectivity between design, manufacturing and ultimately construction.
The discussion will include a survey of physical attributes and properties that influence the performance of the end-use component and include specific examples of where silicone materials and the advances in the digital platform can respond to higher degrees of physical and geometric complexity, and performance.