Track and Trace Using State of the Art IoT Technology

Do you know what data is available on your (customer’s) shop floor? Not long ago, we were satisfied with knowing which sheets were on a rack and we were actually delighted to have end-to-end ERP and PPS data. Nowadays, we need more data to fulfill quality requirements or identify opportunities to avoid waste and improve machine performance. This is why we do not only maintain isolated data silos but also record data manually. Searching for this widely spread data is time-consuming. In the future, an increasing amount of data will be created by modern machines. Given the fact that existing machines cannot be replaced so easily or quickly, state-of-the-art IoT technologies must cope with a mix of modern and legacy machinery. In the end, all of the data has to be collected and analyzed automatically. In this presentation, we will provide a brief analysis of the current situation, critically examine up-to-date technologies, and sketch a vision of the future.