Total transparency: All-glass designs and its features

The present case study is about the luxury all-glass façade of the shopping centre ICONSIAM in Bangkok/Thailand which features a 5,300sqm complex suspended façade system. The architect’s vision illustrated a zigzag shaped façade and required a structural system, which comprises very reduced stainless steel fixings for the benefit of maximum transparency. Based on structural limitations of the building structure the system needed to be hung from the top of the building. The façade consists of glass panes and glass fins with a height of up to 24m. The laminated, heat-strengthened glass fins, acting as a single span or double span beam, are de-signed to accommodate the wind load but also the entire deadload of the façade glass units. The façade is leaning outwards and each fin is inclined to one side at the same time. Consequently the in-plan stability of the entire system was achieved with measured placed setting blocks along the façade glass edges in order to act as a diaphragm. The paper discusses the development and construction of this sus-pended façade system including structural testing and load bearing concepts. Fur-thermore it shows the specifics of oversized glass formats in production, transport and installation.