Thin Glass for Architectural Applications

This paper explores the potential of thin glass (~ 0.1 – 2.0 mm) for architectural applications and reports on two thin glass concepts that have been developed at the TU Delft. The first concept concerns flexible and adaptive thin glass panels that can change their shape in response to external parameters. For instance, by bending the thin glass, ventilation openings can be created in double skin facades, or the thin glass panels could brace themselves for increased wind loading. The second concept concerns thin glass composite panels in which thin glass facings are combined with (3D printed) core elements. In this manner, strong, stiff yet very lightweight glass façade panels are created. The paper will describe the initial design explorations into both concepts. In addition, the results of prototyping and laboratory experiments are described and discussed. From the results of these thin glass studies it can be seen that both concepts are very promising and viable for further in depth investigations.

Christian Louter

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