Thermoplastic spacer (TPS) – increasing productivity in IG production AND product performance

Insulated glass (IG) manufacturing is in a change. The product turned from a technology to a commodity. Internationally qualification on the shop floor is decreasing. And on the one hand the demanded high quality in spec regarding gas filling and tightness as well as lifetime are even more increasing – at the same time pricing pressure is tremendous, flexibility in terms of short delivery time, formats and forms tending to one piece flow in production. Thermoplastic-Spacer-Technology (TPS) instead of rigid spacers offers relief: Overachieving specification, precise thickness of IG unit, full CNC flexibility in forms and thickness. At the same time drastic cost and cash-needs are reduced by decreased needs in manpower, reduced complexity in processing equipment, unnecessity of logistics to match panes and bended spacer, reduction in inventory and finally reduction of scrap from frame production, primary seal and gas filling failures. There is a but: But by using a different technology in spacer production – the spacer is produced directly on the pane with no intermediate production steps in the sequence of the individually produced IG units.