The world of glass coatings

By an independent observer of the flat glass industry

I am going to focus the workshop on a global observation of the coated glass business/industry. I will show how we moved from a dominant pyrolytic approach (in the 1970’s) to a dominant vacuum deposition approach (1990’s & 2000’s). I will cover subjects which are not covered by each glass producer such as looking at the main producers of a same type of coating or the structure of the producers. I do not expect covering subjects which are already well covered by glass producers such as how to process glass coatings. The workshop goal is to look at the coated glass industry across the main actors, across the regions of the globe and across the product’s usages of that field. Target audience: everyone who would like to understand better the current status of the glass coatings (producers, processors & designers) presented by an independent observer.

Leaflet & timetable

Bernard Savaëte

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