The KLEBTECH-network – SMEs join forces on quality management and damage-tolerance of adhesive bonding for glass constructions

Adhesive bonding is an efficient joining process with a great potential for material-efficient constructions. Today, the technology is already applied in almost all branches of industry. However, the building industry still has enormous catching up to do when it comes to load-bearing adhesive joints. The glass and façade sector provides an ideal field of application for bonding since prefabrication and industrial automation are prevalent in the manufacturing process. Several companies along the value chain of a bonded glass construction and research institutions have founded the KLEBTECH network to use the bonding technology for promising product innovations. In order to establish bonding technology more strongly in the field of glass and façade construction, the network will bundle the individual expertises, exploit synergy effects and jointly master the complex challenges resulting from adhesive bonding as a special process. The paper presents the network goals and the R&D-strategy negotiated with the network partners. The network has identified several key topics for further research – all of them related to the vision to relieve existing hurdles and reservations about bonding technology, which are still firmly anchored in the minds of building authorities, planners and clients due to a lack of experience.