The Key to Innovate Organisational Culture and Product Creation – Lean Service Creation Crash Course

This session will focus on Futurice’s Lean Service Creation (LSC) methodology: a design process and a handbook that combine the best practices of Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Agile Development. The LSC Crash Course is an intensive one-day, learn-by-doing design sprint. During the day you will familiarise yourself with LSC tools, sharpen your skills in user insights gathering and validate concepts with minimal, lovable products. Lean Service Creation is the embodiment of Futurice’s 16 years of experience in creating digital services. We have consolidated our expertise into a set of tools, which we’ve iterated and validated for the past two years. We have used it in over hundreds commercial projects, training workshops, and in university design teaching. We use the methodology in our own projects, our internal training, and in doing our business. LSC Crash Course is valuable for managers and business owners, as well as designers, developers and product owners. Basically, it’s for everybody, because the digital world will demand your whole organisation change. No previous knowledge of the toolset is required. Crash course will provide you with intuitive LSC-toolset which you can start utilising to your current and future projects. You also receive Open Source Tools for Change Agents -book, which tells our client’s experiences about changing the ways of working and instructions to LSC-tools.

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Mirkka Länsisalo

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