The Gravity Project: “Innovative use of thin glass and adhesives structurally”

The Gravity project is a test-case for the process of innovation in the glass industry. It is a team effort between engineers (Define Engineers), designers (Carpenter Lowings) and manufacturers (seele) to implement the latest glass technology with the aim to showcase potential applications in the architectural glass industry. Due to its high transparency, thin glass has been evolving over the years to become one of the hot topics in our industry. Little though, has been done in the way of using the material structurally. Bonding technologies such as high-strength adhesives have also revolutionised the way we as designers design connections. The development of the hanging system for the project together with the testing carried out during the planning stage add to the collective understanding of the materials at hand. In this work, the authors aim to describe an approach to innovation in the construction industry through the implementation of the latest materials and fabrication processes.