The global float glass industry in the 21st century

The paper describes the world flat glass industry and business, the evolution during last years and the current status with focus on regions of the world and main companies. 21 graphs and/or tables will present localisation of float glass lines in the world, main companies with associated fundamental financial figures, selling prices in several regions of the globe (and comparison with prices of other materials – including container glass – or common prices indexes) and evolution of production level in several strategic regions of the world. Other graphs/tables will present main usages of float glass, evolution of patent applications by publication dates and by location of the applicants, types of innovation modifying the processes (especially energy consumption & life duration of furnaces) and the products and some flows of products (exports and imports) between some countries or regions. The author will also try to formalize the increasing influence of academic studies or studies performed outside the producers of float glass (by suppliers or by services companies) on that industry. It is hoped that this presentation will provide, with easy to understand graphs, a factual description and an image of the current world flat glass industry/business.

Bernard Savaëte

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