The Glass Swing of the University of Delft

For the Oktober 2018 Glasstec Fair in Dusseldorf the Technical University of Delft was asked to exhibit its latest developments in structural glass technology. For this exhibition the University of Delft developed a Glass Swing. Inspiration for this Swing was the Glass Slide exhibited in 2016 by Eckersly O’Challegan in the Glasstec. We started out by transforming an arch, from which the swing was hung, by parametric optimization to a realistic glass bar system. The glass bars were made from a bundle of glass rods, made by Schott,with a steel rod placed at the center of the bundle bar for safety reasons. With this system the University of Delft has alredy made a 14 meter span Glass Truss Bridge in the Green Village on the campus of the University of Delft. The connecting nodes of this structural system were made by 3D printed steel by the rotterdam company RAMLAB. Succesfully the Glass Swing was assembled and tested in Delft and there after transported to Dusseldorf. For four days hundreds of people “ tested” this beatiful Glass Swing, varing from very young children to a man who weighted 150 kilo.