The Future of Software in Glass Processing

We limit ourselves to the production of single pieces and small batches, with applications predominantly in construction (e.g. windows, curtain walls, doors, showers, mirrors, kitchen splash backs) and interior design (e.g. display cases, furniture). The vast majority of current standard software solutions is based on a classical client server architecture. There are different solutions with little interoperability between them. This makes it very cumbersome not only when it comes to external ordering of components, but often on the automation side as well. We propose a cloud solution combined with a production based server. Cloud solutions have many advantages. They are way more reliable and hacker proof than you can ever be with your own server, and you never have to think about back up again. You can interact with suppliers and customers directly in the cloud. If your supplier uses the same software or there is a standard interface, then you can automatically get quotes from him and so can your customers from you. If someone contributes a solution for say curved glass or special Georgian bars to the cloud, then you can use that in just the cases you need it and simply pay per use.

Hans Kull

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