Visual Quality of Glass – Anisotropic Effects – Status of the Guideline

Anisotropic effect is an inherent physical character of tempered glass which should be discussed in the design phase of a building. Within the “Facades” working group, in Fachverband Konstruktiver Glasbau e. V. (FKG), the basic considerations of Anisotropie were analyzed and the retardation of fully toughened as well as heat strengthened glass were quantified at the Universities Munich and Aachen. The research is currently being put edited in a report. The presentation will be an introduction to the work of the working group and the status of this paper.

Presented by FKG – Fachverband Konstruktiver Glasbau e. V. (Registered Association of glass construction) – represented by Michael Elstner and Stefan Goeddertz

Stefan Goeddertz

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Michael Elstner

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