Take your tempering process to the next level with data analysis & automatic quality measurement

Tempering process automation has been taking huge steps during the past years and development will only accelerate in the future. What fuels the development is data – and more importantly what is done with the data. The ever-increasing computing power allows us to understand the process and production situations in more detailed level than ever before. This is also something that glass processors can utilize to optimize their production.

Achieving optimal performance level greatly depends on the end use of the glass. Optimizing your production processes and glass quality is about finding the right balance between capacity, production development investments and product quality. With combining the correct hardware, such as capable tempering furnace and automatic quality measurement, with the correct ecosystem you have all the necessary tools to achieve an optimal result.

This presentation goes through where we are currently with production reporting and automatic quality measurement and discusses future possibilities in the development.


data analysis, quality measurement, process development