Stiff PVB and annealed laminated glass for freestanding balustrades with respect to national standards in Europe.

Laminated glass incorporating stiff PVB is being used increasingly in structural applications. This combination improves the load resistance of the laminated glass sheet, reduces deflection, helps to reduce the thickness and weight of the glass and, in some cases, renders it unnecessary to thermally treat the glass. The case of freestanding balustrades is studied in depth, with the thermally toughened laminated glass usually used replaced by annealed laminated glass. Experimental testing under static and dynamic impact loads is discussed with respect to load, glass thickness and type of linear fixation. The findings of experimental research are also evaluated in the light of national legislation. Aspects of post-breakage behaviour are investigated. Finally, it is shown that the use of a stiff PVB interlayer combined with annealed glass is acceptable and safe for balustrade applications.

Hugues Lefèvre

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