Standardization of machine interfaces

IoT requires organized communication between devices. Adding machinery (devices) into industrial environments, today, requires individual interfaces with efforts getting out of control. The only way out: Standardization! Standardization requires acceptance by all stakeholders and will likely fail if pushed into the market from outside. That is why VDMA launched a joint team to address standardization of interfaces for machinery used in Glass-Industry. Machine manufacturers, future oriented companies from the industry and software suppliers are working together to define the rules of communication machine to machine as well as machine to software systems (MES, ERP…). The float glass cutting area was selected as a starting point for the survey as it serves as start of further processing (production lines) in most cases. The analysis is guided by use-cases like “Plug and Produce” and “Condition Monitoring”. The definitions reached so far will be presented. VDMA will publish a first official document in 2019. The information modelling will continue addressing further use-cases like total traceability, capacity planning and machine maintenance. A short presentation will show how that information derived from machinery will be integrated into shop floor control systems in the future.

Gesine Bergmann

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