Solution processed thermochromic coatings for energy efficient glazing

Currently, buildings are responsible for approximately 40% of the world’s energy consumption. This can be reduced by application of functional coatings that regulate the transmission of infrared (IR) radiation through windows. The ideal window would comprise a colour neutral coating which is highly transparent for visible light, and smartly adapts its IR regulating functionality to the environmental conditions. Here, we present a proprietary thermochromic coating that can switch between transmission and blocking of IR light at a switching temperature of about 30°C. This single layer coating comprises monoclinic vanadium dioxide as active ingredient. It is processed from solution and transparent in the visible. We have successfully demonstrated its working principle in a laboratory scale demonstrator, and anticipate to scale up the liquid coating formulation and the coating application and curing process to pilot scale in 2019-2021. Furthermore, we have managed to prepare solution processed thermochromic nanopigments with functionality similar to the glass coatings. We plan to integrate these functional nanoparticle pigments in polymer foils for glass lamination in the near future.