Seismic Testing Results of a Decorative Glass Wall Mounting System

Decorative glass is limitless in design, colors, patterns, textures, and offers aesthetic brilliance in countless interior applications. Whether multiple panels are desired to be mounted on a wall many stories high, or overhead in a suspended solution, structural soundness and testing is required. This presentation discussing the seismic field testing of a glass mounting system to become AMAA 501.6 compliant (seismically rated). Covered in the presentation will be engineering analyses of both overhead and wall mounting systems along with details of seismic testing and results obtained. Pictures and graphs will show materials tested, methodology, and performance measures for the decorative laminated glass that was studied in this research. Structural analysis was carried out by a third party engineering firm. The seismic testing was conducted by a third party laboratory and confirmed the theoretical performance of the system through actual seismic shaking simulation in accordance with AMAA 501.6 (to test compliance).